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Mechanical Air Handling

Mechanical Air Handling

Industrial – Commercial – Residential

FSA Accreditation Number:  F051590A

Mechanical Air Handling

Mechanical Air Handling means transport of very large volumes of air through building using mechanical fans and blowers.

Of course movement of air through ventilation ducts means movement of smoke through separate fire zones and smoke zones.

It is often poorly understood that smoke kills well before fire reaches an occupied space.

The spread of smoke can be very frightening in a real fire event. It is rapid and deadly. AS 1668.1 and AS 1682.1&2 is the law of Australia and must be adhered to and is constantly evolving as technology and experience also evolve. The Fire and Smoke control standards in Australia are fortunately set to a very high level. Unfortunately no training module is provided during apprenticeships for HVAC technicians in Australia.

This means tens of thousands of qualified technicians are working on smoke control systems without a proper understanding of concepts.

They can get it wrong. RCS Air covers this gap.

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