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RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - Our Preferred Air Conditioner
RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners

We specialise in comfort – that’s why our preferred air conditioner is Daikin.

When it comes to airflow, air quality and temperature control in virtually any environment, you can always count on the Daikin System. As a world leader in air conditioning and Japan’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin is the complete source of top-quality comfort and air conditioning solutions for all kinds of spaces from homes to high rises, hospitals to hotels.

Daikin has invested over 8 decades and billions of dollars in the areas of research and development in electronics, mechanics and chemistry to develop air conditioning systems that are quiet, simple to use, reliable and energy efficient. Daikin continues to be ground breakers in developing various technologies aimed at bringing comfort and energy efficiency to any space.

RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - Our Preferred Air Conditioner

We’ve been installing Daikin systems for over 30 years.

Established in 1969, Daikin Australia has been offering air conditioning solutions for homes, commercial developments and community projects across the country and New Zealand. They only focus on offering one thing: providing the ultimate comfort and climate-controlled environment for your space through a variety of Daikin System solutions. Today, Daikin is the country’s largest air conditioning company, operating in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sydney’s South West. Over the last thirty years RCS AIR and Daikin’s head office have established an extremely strong business relationship.

Founded in 1969, Daikin Australia has been providing air conditioned comfort for homes, commercial developments and community projects across Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years. Today, Daikin is Australia’s largest air conditioning company and manufactures the indoor units* that go into Daikin ducted air conditioners right here in Australia, operating a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Sydney’s South West.

A partner you can rely on:
As a specialist Daikin Systems RCS-Air can help you assess, plan and install the ideal Daikin System for your home or commercial use.

Local after sales support:
As a Daikin System Specialist Dealer and Installer we are educated and trained to deliver first-class support to our clients- from the initial consultation to after-sales concerns.

Ducted air conditioning explained:
A Ducted Daikin System is perfect if you want discreet air conditioned comfort through your entire house. This system can be installed in a new home or fitted to accommodate remodels and existing homes. Once installed by professional technicians, only the controller, suction and discharge grills are visible.

A Daikin ducted air conditioner consists of both an indoor and outdoor unit with a flexible ducting system. The installers will conceal the indoor unit under the floor or in your ceiling and the air conditioned air will be distributed throughout your house through vents. The outdoor unit, on the other hand, will be placed in a hidden location outside your house.

RCS-AIr - Daikin Systems
RCS-Air - Discrete and Flexible Daikin Systems

Discrete and flexible Daikin systems:
Daikin’s ducted air conditioning systems gives you the freedom and flexibility to cool and heat every room in your space. Technicians will zone your home to help maximize energy efficiency and customize the operation of the Daikin System to suit your lifestyle. The way your home will be zoned is completely up to you. The position of the discharge grilles will also be personalized to suit the shape of your rooms.

Reluctance DC Motors:
Daikin’s Reluctance DC Motors utilizes powerful neodymium magnets that are 10x stronger than regular ferrite magnets which enables it to deliver a more dynamic torque while remaining compact.

RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - Reluctance DC Motors
RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - Scroll Compressor

Scroll Compressor:
Daikin’s Scroll Compressor feature a more efficient and quiet operation than other regular compressors due to their high-pressure dome construction that helps minimise heat loss and the use of high-pressure lubrication oil. This will also result in noise level reduction and efficiency improvement.

DC Fan Motor:
The Daikin System Indoor Units are equipped with a variable speed high-efficiency DC fan motor. By using high-power magnets rather than the induced magnetism of regular AC motors, the Daikin System DC motor will be able to deliver a motor efficiency that is significantly higher. They motor control system also has 15 fan speed ranges which allows installers to precisely match the air flow to your building’s ducting configuration.

RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - DC Fan Motor
RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - Swing Compressor

Swing Compressor:
The patented swing compressor of the Daikin System features a smoother operation which helps reduce frictional losses as compared to a rotary compressor. This helps improve the overall system reliability and compression process efficiency. Swing compressors also suppress vibrations which leads to a more efficient, quiet and durable compressor.

DC Sine Wave Inverter:
Daikin System Outdoor Units now highlight a DC Sine Wave Inverter Technology for a smoother motor rotation which results in improved energy efficiency and reduced noise levels.

RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - DC Sine Wave Inverter
RCS-Air - Daikin Air Conditioners - VRV IV S-series Features