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Lennox G61® High Efficiency Gas Furnace
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Lennox G61® High Efficiency Gas Furnace

The G61 is a high-efficiency gas furnace offering an impressive 5.3 Star efficiency rating, the Lennox G61 Gas Furnace is the ultimate in energy efficient heating. With unique sound absorbing insulation, the G61 reduces noise and provides peaceful operation, whether it’s installed internally or externally.

A variable speed inverter fan motor carefully controls the flow of air throughout your home, and a multi stage gas valve provides two levels of heating – stage one for the mild days and stage two for the colder days. The variable speed inverter motor uses about two-thirds less electricity than a standard motor and will help take your energy bills to new lows.

Lennox G61® High Efficiency Gas Furnace
Lennox G61® High Efficiency Gas Furnace - 2 Stage Variable Speed Operation

Features and Benefits:

1. Quiet Operation.

Fully insulated cabinet reduces noise and ensures quiet, efficient operation.

2. Two-stage Variable Speed Operation.

Runs at low speed 80% of the time, which minimises the up-and-down temperature changes associated with standard furnaces. This ensures a quiet and consistent flow of air whilst maintaining an ideal balance of temperature and humidity in your home.

3. Enhanced Humidity Control.

Runs at variable speeds to precisely regulate the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home.

4. Secondary Heat Exchanger.

Provides additional heat to the furnace whilst maintaining high energy levels.

Lennox G61® High Efficiency Gas Furnace - Enhanced Humidity Control
Lennox G61® High Efficiency Gas Furnace - Lennox Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger Assembly

5. Low-speed Fan.

Ultra-low fan speed provides a quiet, continuous flow of warm air.

6. Lennox Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger Assembly

This is a Lennox developed heat exchanger assembly, made from patented Armour Tuf TM steel. It consists of a primary heat exchanger and a secondary condenser coil, ensuring high reliability and efficiency.


7. Integrated Two-stage Variable Speed Blower Control.

The solid−state board contains all the necessary controls and relays to operate the furnace. The electronic flame sensor assures safe, reliable operation.

8. Variable Speed Blower Motor.

DC Inverter, variable speed motor maintains specified air volume from 0 through 200Pa static range.

9. Discrete Design.

The low−profile, narrow width cabinet allows easy installation. The fully insulated cabinet includes foil faced insulation on the sides and back of the heating compartment, whilst minimising any functional noises.

Lennox Duralok Plus® Heat Exchanger Assembly - Variable Speed Blower Motor.
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