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Lennox Merit Series® Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace
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Lennox Merit Series® Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace

When you want to feel warm without feeling the pinch of high energy bills, the Lennox Merit Series® gas furnace offers a reliable and economic solution.

The Lennox Merit SeriesTM gas furnace has a 3.8 (average) star efficiency rating and a versatile design, making it extremely installer friendly. For internal roof installations it can be mounted horizontally or with upflow directions. External installations are just as quick and easy with supply outlets located next to each other.

New and unique sound absorbing insulation panels deliver quiet operation. Plus, every component of the Lennox Merit SeriesTM is rigorously tested in our dedicated research lab, so you can count on your new furnace to deliver the highest possible levels of reliability and performance.

Lennox Merit Series® Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace - 3.8 Star Efficiency Rating
Lennox Merit Series® Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace - DURALOCK® Heat Exchanger

Features and Benefits:
1. DURALOCK® Heat Exchanger
Made out of patented Armour Tuf® aluminised steel construction ensures superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation. This compact design allows complete exposure of heating surfaces to supply air stream whilst reducing space requirements inside the heater cabinet.

2. Induced Draft Combustion Blower
Exceeds industry standard airflow for even temperatures and improved comfort. Blower compartment minimises losses and maximises efficiency and comfort.

3. SureLight® Ignitor
Solid-state electronic direct spark ignition control provides positive and safe main burner ignition insuring reliable start every time the heater fires up. This spark is intermittent and occurs only when required.


Lennox Merit Series® Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace - Induced Draft Combustion Blower
Lennox Merit Series® Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace - SureLight® Integrated Furnace Control

4. SureLight® Integrated Furnace Control
Controls all furnace operations and provides direct readout diagnostics for quick troubleshooting.

5. Cabinet
Constructed of heavy gauge, cold rolled steel with a primed and pre-painted topcoat finish. The cabinet surface temperatures are low due to foil faced fibreglass insulation on side and back panels of heat section.


6. Flame Rollout Switches
Manual reset switch is furnished as standard and is factory installed on the burner box. Switch prevents unit operation in the event combustion products’ passage through the flueway is reduced or blocked.

7. Transformer
24 volt (40VA) control transformer is furnished as standard equipment and is factory installed on control panel.

Lennox Merit Series® Mid Efficiency Gas Furnace - Flame Rollout Switches
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