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Most refrigerant upgrades and system replacements are very expensive and don’t always end up with very efficient or green outcomes, We are clean and green and offer the most powerful alternative to reducing global warming. We transform toxic inefficient R22 systems into effect green and clean machines using cutting edge technology. The Intelligent Series is 20% more efficient than any alternate manufacturer can offer at 50% of the cost. Don’t do anything with your old R22 systems until you contact us.

M60 Refrigerant
RCS-Air Polaris Intelligent R22 Upgrade
RCS-Air Polaris Intelligent R22 Upgrade

HFC’s are a type of synthetic greenhouse gas used in many air-conditioning systems worldwide. In an effort to reduce the reliance on this type of gas, The Australian Government implemented HFC phase-down starting 1 January 2018. There are over one million air-conditioning systems in Australia that currently use this type of gas.

For most applications where HFCs are still used in the world, more climate friendly alternatives are now available. However, replacing ducted air-conditioning systems is expensive and invasive to home owners. Because new gas variants need to run at much higher pressures than HFC’s, the pipework needs to be replaced if a new system is installed. This involves extensive work – cutting open ceilings, removing the indoor unit, ungrading duct connections and running new pipework from outside to the new indoor unit.

The Polaris Intelligent Series enables you to rebuild your existing ducted air conditioning system so that you save money, enjoy better performance and have the satisfaction of knowing that your system is not contributing to the greenhouse gas problem.

The system will deliver far greater energy efficiency than your existing split system because of the revolutionary performance of M60 and will lower energy costs by as much as 40% compared to your existing system and installation costs are cheaper than replacement because we rebuild your system.

The Polaris Intelligent Series uses state of the art technology that is both safer and more efficient – giving you and your family piece of mind.

RCS-Air Polaris Intelligent R22 Upgrade
RCS-Air Polaris Intelligent R22 Upgrade

R22 Systems – Transform, Restore, Rebuild

Rebuild means we replace the outside unit so that it runs on M60 refrigerant with all the benefits made available in the Polaris Intelligent Series: lower operating cost, better environmental impact and the safety of a natural refrigerant. We make minor adjustments to the indoor unit.

The result – quick replacement of your existing system and less disruption to your home or business. Better still, you save money by avoiding the need to install an entirely new system and you get a far more energy efficient air conditioning system.

R22 Systems – Transform, Restore, Rebuild

We want a greener future for everyone – that’s why we are committed to advancing “clean air” in the home and workplace, by creating advanced air-conditioning systems that go beyond MEPS Compliance for energy rating.

Upgrading your current ducted system with the Polaris Intelligent Series causes minimal disruption to your home/office and costs less than half of replacing your complete system.

Gains in efficiency, real ongoing cost savings and piece of mind for you and your family knowing that your air-conditioning system incorporates state of the art technology and is free from dangerous HFC’s.


RCS-Air Polaris Intelligent R22 Upgrade
RCS-Air Polaris Intelligent R22 Upgrade - Zero Harm

Polaris GreenSmart Intelligent Series Specifications

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