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Home Comfort

We install single and multi-split air conditioner systems and single and advanced multi-ducted systems for optimum comfort in the home, energy savings and space saving designs. 

Single and Multi Split System Air Conditioner Design and Installation

We are an authorised Daikin dealer, specialising in single and multi head air conditioning systems and state of the art VRV heat reclaim systems. We provide design services including concept, installation and servicing.


Single and multi-split air conditioning systems are ideal for both new build and renovation projects. The Daikin Multi-Split systems are recommended for multi-room applications wanting individual space comfort and a space-saving design. They feature quiet operation, easy installation and multi-zone home comfort.

RCS-AIR will connect two, three or four indoor units to a single outdoor unit with choices of slim duct units, wall mount units, ceiling cassette units or a combination. With over 1,000 combinations possible, we help clients get energy saving buildings while still saving precious space.

RCS-Air - Home Climate Control - Single and Multi-Split Systems
RCS-Air - Home Climate Control - Daikin Specialist

Daikin ducted air conditioners are an ideal choice if you want to cool more than one room or area. These air conditioners are visually less intrusive with no bulky indoor units sitting on the wall.

These conditioners can be installed into a new home or fitted to suit an existing one. Indoor units are located under the floor or within the ceiling with flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through vents in desired areas of the house. The conditioned unit is placed outside the house.

As a Daikin specialist dealer, we can give you various choices from inverter models, non-inverters and hybrids. Inverted systems feature quiet operation and will give more energy efficient buildings. For more information about Daikin systems, contact us or download some of the brochures available at our site.