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Commercial Refrigeration

From production, transport to display and sales, RCS-Air is with you from the design and planning stage, through installation and ongoing maintenance.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems and Solutions

We specialize in providing Commercial Refrigeration Systems and Solutions for your business needs. From production, transport to display and sales, we are your partner in ensuring that you have the right refrigeration systems. RCS-Air is your partner from the design and planning stage, through installation and maintenance.


  • Single fixed speed and inverter compressors. The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. We ensure that you have the right “heart” for the job.
  • Single fixed speed vs. inverter compressors. Single speed compressors, as the name suggests, has one fixed speed throughout its operations. The system turns off once the required temperature is achieved and on again, as needed. Inverter compressors, on the other hand, change speed so that just the right amount of temperature is released to keep a space in the desired temperature.
  • Multi compressor variable load systems with inverter compressor technology. This is an excellent alternative to centralized commercial refrigeration systems. Aside from space savings, this system minimizes energy loss and also saves on buying cost and energy costs.
RCS-Air Commercial Refrigeration Systems and Solutions
RCS-Air Commercial Refrigeration Systems - Industrial Cool Rooms and Freezers
  • Commercial and industrial cool rooms and freezers. Produce, beverages and pharmaceutical products need cold storage solutions that are specially designed to meet the products’ temperature and humidity requirements. We provide cost-effective and well-thought out design and installation of freezers to walk-in cool rooms using well-constructed and insulated panels that can fit the client’s available space. The customized cooling systems and freezers meet government standards in terms of hygiene and quality. The cool rooms and freezers (ranging from simplex, multiplex, freon or ammonia applications) are equipped with a digital thermometer so clients can change and check the temperature. Additional functions can be automated, including on-off cycles, electronic defrost, alarms and so on).
  • Commercial and industrial ice machines. Be it hospitals, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, catering companies or chemical processing companies, rcs-air has the ice machine for you. We provide the commercial and industrial ice machines that meet your specific needs in terms of type, thickness, amount of ice produced and storage.
  • Commercial beer and beverage reticulation systems. We are your trusted source for commercial beer and beverage reticulation systems ranging from single tap systems to large-scale systems. This includes glycol beer reticulation systems, one of the newest innovations that ensure that the temperature of the beer is maintained, from storage in the keg to service through the beer tap. This minimizes beer loss as it prevents bacteria and wild yeast from growing. Our extensive line of beverage reticulation systems enables clients to serve beverages efficiently and cleanly.
RCS-Air Commercial Refrigeration Systems - Ice Makers
RCS-Air Commercial Refrigeration Systems - Beverage Reticulation Systems
  • Produce and Supermarket case display systems. From meat, seafood, vegetables, ice cream, dairy products and more, we provide display systems that highlight these products, maximize shelf life and prevent spoilage costs. We understand that different products need different temperatures and display types.
  • Blast and tunnel freezers. Blast freezing involves the process of using extreme cold to freeze food or other products rapidly. The more rapid the freezing, the smaller the ice crystals produced. This, in turn, inhibits bacteria growth and preserves the quality of the food or the product being processed. We provide a wide variety of blast and tunnel freezers that can be designed to your specifications.

Refrigerant systems retrofit. Retrofitting an existing refrigerant system may sometimes be necessary for a variety of purposes – the demand and legal regulations phasing out an existing refrigerant, technical issues or economic reasons. This process requires an understanding of that system and ensuring that the replacement refrigerant is a suitable match. This understanding that we can bring to the table will help minimize the need for hardware changes and adjustment in controls.

We use the latest refrigeration systems to provide you a balance of energy savings, a reduced carbon footprint, comfort and cost. Savings come also come in the form of increase safety and the maintenance of product quality. We are constantly on the lookout for the newest trends and refrigeration systems equipment to help you grow your business.

RCS-Air Commercial Refrigeration Systems and Solutions - Refrigerant Systems Retrofit